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Black Bloc

The gears of progress can only be oiled
By the blood spilled by imperials and bourgeoisie
The ninety-nine cannot be silenced by the one 
We raise our fists and bricks and fight inequality 

There’s strength in numbers
And in anonymity

Black bloc
Because our parts are greater as a whole
Black bloc
Like the carbon pressed and formed as coal
Black bloc
And the fires that burn inside our souls
Black bloc
Will ignite and engulf the city whole

Fuck the letter to your congressmen
We gotta burn it down and start again
Because their power structure’s written in their code
Trash properties of global companies
And reclaim the space for our communities
Fell the walls of Jericho

The gears of progress can only turn ‘round the shaft of crosses bearing leaders of fascist regimes
The ninety-nine cannot be shackled by the one
So we mobilize and form a strategy:
“Eradicating class By any necessary means”

Black bloc
We act as one, in a true democracy
Black bloc
Each a piece of a magnificent machine
Black bloc
A living organism spreading in the streets
Black bloc
A stirring beast roused to feast on authority

The bricks we hurl at police today
Will build the radical free schools of tomorrow
So share a drink with a friend and a neighbor
Light an oily rag and wad it into the bottle

Fuck the letter to your congressmen
We gotta burn it down and start again
Because the neo-nazis have politicized
Women, transgender and queer
Against their rubber bullets and riot gear
Sound your horn and amplify


from FRONTLINE EP, released June 1, 2017
Iggy Freeman - drums / vocals
Chris Ruckus - guitar / vocals
Vadim Panteleev - bass / vocals



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DISSIDENTE / ДИССИДЕНТЫ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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