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Video for Amputee: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fz4ewTN6wus


released June 1, 2017

Rhett D'Souza - guitar / vocals
Iggy Freeman - drums / vocals
Vadim Panteleev - bass / vocals
Chris Ruckus - vocals / guitar

Additional guitars by Rebekah Riot
Additional vocals by Marissa Crook

All songs written by Chris Ruckus, Vadim Panteleev and Iggy Freeman

Produced by DISSIDENTE

Photography: Evgeny Feldman www.feldmanphotography.com

Design: DIY


Recorded May 2017 by Bob Chamberlain at R&R Audio and Chris Ruckus at Ruckus Recordings, Pittsburgh, PA.

Mixed by Chris Beeble at The Blasting Room, Fort Collins, CO.
Mastered by Stuart Mckillop at Rain City Recorders, Vancouver, B.C.

Thanks for our partners and friends for putting up with us.

For Desmond.

booking: dissidenteband@gmail.com

Press Release:

Whether Russia or United States, politics are the same. Corrupt politicians and the super rich exploit the working class and build their empires on the backs of the perpetually poor. As connectivity makes our world smaller, unrest echos from murmurs and grows to roars. From Moscow to Pittsburgh, ДИССИДЕНТЫ (DISSIDENTE) screams.

Two Russian immigrants and a native Pittsburgher band together to sound their battle cries of hardcore, crust and ska-core in the face of injustice. Their freshman EP “Frontline” was recorded at local studio R&R Audio, mixed at the famed Blasting Room in Ft. Collins, Colorado, mastered at Rain City Recorders in Vancouver, BC and released independently on June 1st. It rips into the Trump presidency’s proposed border wall with “Colossus”, and trumpets a call to arms through organized protest in “Black Bloc”. The album is rounded out decrying creditors in “Til Debt Do We Part” and reflects on addiction in the personal “Amputee”.

They spread their message in the American northeast this summer. Their sophomore EP begins production this August.


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DISSIDENTE / ДИССИДЕНТЫ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Amputee

I am a trilobite, scrambling on ancient ocean floors
Trailing a cloud of blood beckoning to eager carnivores
Dragging my heavy carapace up unfamiliar sandy shores
Blinking in blinding light, my vision blurred, unfocused

The beating sun fortifies defenses. Bones will mend. Blood will clot. Scars remind. I will adjust. I will

Fight! Survive! Fuck! Evolve!

Our tribulations are not packaged big and small
For what one of us stands to burden, another can’t lift at all
So when I say “I only lost an inch that day”
If you read between the lines I speak, you’ll see my disarray

Addiction! Depression! Prescriptions! Correction!

What happens in a blink cost hours under the knife
And the surgery undoes the work I’ve been building all my life 

At the bottom of the bottle
Whether alcohol or opiate
Fight! Survive! Fuck! Evolve!
Fight! Survive! Fuck! Evolve!

Brave a never-ending battle
When a bullet seems appropriate
Fight! Survive! Fuck! Evolve!
Fight! Survive! Fuck! Evolve!

I am a troglodyte, huddling around a dying flame
I am a divorceé, cowering embarrassed and ashamed
I am an amputee waking in recovery room beds
Blinking in blinding light, my vision blurred unfocused

So I drink myself under tables
And I celebrate with friends
Because I stared Death in her yellow eyes
And I swore this ain’t the end
Because I’ve tasted bitter failure
And I faced my greatest fear
So when I sing along to my favorite songs

I know “I’m still fucking here!”
Track Name: Black Bloc
Black Bloc

The gears of progress can only be oiled
By the blood spilled by imperials and bourgeoisie
The ninety-nine cannot be silenced by the one 
We raise our fists and bricks and fight inequality 

There’s strength in numbers
And in anonymity

Black bloc
Because our parts are greater as a whole
Black bloc
Like the carbon pressed and formed as coal
Black bloc
And the fires that burn inside our souls
Black bloc
Will ignite and engulf the city whole

Fuck the letter to your congressmen
We gotta burn it down and start again
Because their power structure’s written in their code
Trash properties of global companies
And reclaim the space for our communities
Fell the walls of Jericho

The gears of progress can only turn ‘round the shaft of crosses bearing leaders of fascist regimes
The ninety-nine cannot be shackled by the one
So we mobilize and form a strategy:
“Eradicating class By any necessary means”

Black bloc
We act as one, in a true democracy
Black bloc
Each a piece of a magnificent machine
Black bloc
A living organism spreading in the streets
Black bloc
A stirring beast roused to feast on authority

The bricks we hurl at police today
Will build the radical free schools of tomorrow
So share a drink with a friend and a neighbor
Light an oily rag and wad it into the bottle

Fuck the letter to your congressmen
We gotta burn it down and start again
Because the neo-nazis have politicized
Women, transgender and queer
Against their rubber bullets and riot gear
Sound your horn and amplify
Track Name: Colossus

The 2016 US presidency was won on a platform of blatant racism, most notably the proposed Muslim travel ban and US / Mexico border wall. To this, we say:

"Divided we fall!"

Black lines and shades of pastel colors
Adorn the face of mounted globes
No borders span across the prairies
No walls divide their gentle slopes
Some men wish to forge them between us
Some men with no love in their hearts

War elephants deployed to battle
Machines designed to scar the earth
Generals dispatching calvaries
Are contractors commanding serfs

The Great Wall of Bigots
Designed by our president
Posing for a photo op
To “Make America White Again”

Egos rival Ozymandias
This demagogue has claimed this land
So we of all nations and backgrounds
Join at the line drawn in the sand

Colossus! Colossus!

Fill the trenches dredged for the foundation
Brothers and sisters locking arms
Together bearing our afflictions
Like a crown of thorns

We, the immigrants
Мы, иммигранты
We, the dissidents
Мы, диссиденты

Condemn this monument
Dismantled brick by brick
Track Name: 'Till Debt Do We Part
'Till Debt Do We Part

The devil wears a three piece suit
And offers financing
At a low introductory rate
Initial after the fine print
Sign your name away
And bow to the mercies of fate

Cannibals collecting skulls
In capital lined catacombs
Fattening on equity
Animals, insatiable
Sucking marrow, shitting greed
Hemorrhaging your salary

Payments on time, six months same as cash
Raise your limit. Repeat. Rehash.
The mire swallows the hourglass
Like sirens sing to sinking ships
Extortionists rehearsing scripts

“What’s yours is mine until debt do we part!”

Drowned at sea, clutched to debris
See the loan sharks circling
With soulless eyes and rows of teeth
The scent of blood stirs a frenzy
Your credit score, shredded and maimed
No dignity remains

And our economy’s
Still based upon slavery
Don’t believe me? Have you checked
Your credit statement lately?
Our masters whips our backs with fees and tax
Interest and kickbacks

“Но полетят ваши головы с плеч!”

Burn the banks, storm the vaults
Erase all debt and loan defaults
With our steel against their necks
They’ll view us as human yet

Prisoners: riot! Slaves: revolt!
Our captors perch on dunes of gold
Dethrone and shame men playing god
And ready the firing squad
Like a cancer to the surgeon
Cleansing Wall Street of it’s vermin
Once liberated, we shall deem
Amerika, land of the free.

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